Most wholesalers and some manufacturers use print, the internet and trade shows.  However, many make the mistake of entrusting the creation of these important marketing and brand identity tools to printing shops and website programmers, rather than using a specialized marketing company like GUSTO.

The reasons they do this are because, often, they are unaware of their options and they’ve always done it that way.  Some even believe it’s cheaper.

Conversely, most leading companies know that developing sound marketing ideas and strategies requires a unique brand of
expertise. By using a marketing company like GUSTO, they save time and money and ensure that their branding, image and quality are consistently on target.

However, the primary reason they work with professional marketing companies is because they know their return on investment is better.

GUSTO understands that wholesalers and manufacturers have different advertising and marketing needs than other types of businesses.  But most of all, GUSTO knows that the money you spend on marketing should be justified by the financial return to your company.