1.0 Confidentiality
Client information is strictly confidential and is not shared with any third party.

2.0 Email Communications
Periodically, GUSTO Marketing Inc. emails its clients and prospects. A client or prospect that does not wish to receive periodic emails may contact GUSTO and request their name be taken off the mailing list.

3.0 Exclusivity
Clients wishing to engage GUSTO Marketing Inc. on an exclusive basis are not eligible to participate in the pricing matrix. All exclusivity arrangements will be negotiated on an individual contract basis.

4.0 Billing
GUSTO Marketing Inc. will bill clients as per the contractual agreement.

5.0 Payment
Payment for services rendered by GUSTO Marketing Inc. will be according to contractual agreement.

6.0 Contract Cancellation
Contract cancellation, by either party, may be enacted under the terms stated in the written agreement.